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MOT Explained

All cars over three years old must pass an annual MOT test to show that they are roadworthy. An MOT involves dozens of checks on your car, ranging from brakes and fuel systems to lights, mirros seatbelts and exhaust system. An MOT test takes between 45 and 60 minutes to be carried out. By law an MOT test centre can not allow you to drive your car away if it has failed an MOT until the problmes are fixed, unless your existing MOT certificate is still valid.

There are several common reasons which a car could fail an MOT test on first time and most of them are easy to check before you take your car for it's MOT.
Screen wash not topped up. This is the most basic of tasks to do before you bring your car in.
The car must be clean. Give the mirrors and windows a wipe and make sure the car isn't messy.
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